Hello!  I’m Henry, I live in Bellingham, WA and I’m the owner of 100 Percent Peachy!  I am 11 years old and I’ve never run a blog before (but I do blog with parents permission)!  I love crochet, drawing, and volleyball.  I’m going to try to be posting weekly, but don’t be surprised if I don’t post for 2 weeks or post twice in 1 week.  I will be posting about arts and crafts, but I will also post about things in my life.  I am so excited to share my knowledge of crafting with the world, and have fun doing it!

Since I enjoy crafting so much, I sell at the kids vendor day at my local farmers market.  I actually make a decent amount of money selling there, and it’s fun, too!  I get to experience what it’s like to own a business!  If you live in Bellingham, you should stop by on a kids vendor day!

Ravelry: @ClubCracker

Pinterest: @100PercentPeachy

Instagram: @100.percent.peachy

Craftsy: @100PercentHenry

P.S. I don’t play the viola.  I did for a couple of months at my school, and that’s when I got the picture.

P.S.S. I don’t know why I made my Ravelry username “ClubCracker”, it was just the first thing I saw around my house.