My #1 Favorite Book (Coming from a Kid that Dislikes Reading)

Recently, I found out that my classmate Lillian has a blog where she posts book reviews (WindChimey Good Books).  This inspired me to write a book review on my #1 favorite book: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera.  If you’re shopping for your kid, or you’re shopping for yourself, this book is a great choice.


When I saw this book in a magazine, it said it was a young adult book.  I kind of agree with that, because the book has pretty heavy topic (death), and the book drops a ton of f-bombs.  I would say that this book is for young adults – adults.

Summary (Without the Ending)

Death-Cast is a company that will call you if you are going to die in the next 24 hours.  Mateo Torrez, a 17 year old introvert, and Rufus Emeterio, a 18 year old rebellious foster child both receive the call.  Using the last friend app, they meet each other.  Over the course of 24 hours, they form an amazing friendship, sharing stories, going on adventures, and protecting each other from death.  Together, they live a lifetime in a single day, avoiding potential fatalities along the way.

Why I Loved It

It was amazing how Adam Silvera could turn a story that lasts 24 hours into 300+ pages.  There was so many different emotions that I felt at different times throughout this book: Anger, sadness, laughter, and more.  I actually was crying in the middle of my English class when I was reading this book.  I also loved how it switched perspectives every couple of pages: Mateo, Rufus, Mateo, Rufus, and occasionally a non-main character.  Whenever there was a non-main character’s perspective, it told it in 3rd person view, but whenever it was Mateo or Rufus’s perspective, it was in 1st person.

Purchase the book here.

Check out Lillian’s blog here.

Thanks for reading this review!  I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful.  After all, holiday shopping is coming up!  Feel free to share this on social media and pin it on Pinterest!  More posts to come!

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