8 Amazing Autumn Crochet Patterns

Autumn (I like to call it Fall) is my favorite season because:

  1. My birthday is in Fall
  2. Cozy weather that’s perfect for staying inside and drinking coffee or walking around in a stylish outfit

SInce I’ve been getting in to crochet, I found 8 perfect crochet patterns for fall that you need to try!  I haven’t tried them yet, but I hopefully will soon!  By the way, these patterns are not made by me.  These patterns are made by talented crocheters that crochet often! (I don’t have enough time to crochet often).  The links for the patterns will be right below their pictures.  Thanks to all the amazingly talented crocheters that made these patterns!  Here they are!

1.  Pumpkin Pie Crochet Bunting by Repeat Crafter Me

2.  Fall Oak Leaves by Pattern Paradise

3.  Crochet Star Stitch Pumpkin Coffee Cozy by The Stitchin’ Mommy

4.  Mini Pumpkin Earrings by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

5.  Candy Corn Hat by Ramsileigh Crochet

6.  Pumpkin Pie Brooch by Twinkie Chan

7.  Fall Maple Leaves by The Painted Hinge

8.  Crochet Ridged Pumpkins by Sewrella

I hope you guys enjoyed!  Sorry about not resizing the photos to make them all the same size.  It’s just too much time.  Feel free to share on social media!  If you are pinning this post on Pinterest, be sure to use the photo at the bottom of this post!  I hope you guys enjoy autumn as much as I do!  Oh, one more thing… HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN!

As always, happy crocheting!


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