How to Read your Yarn Label

Hi guys!  Sorry about not posting for a while!  My grandfather has recently passed away, so the past couple of weeks have been filled with stress.  Anyway, I hope that this post will help you knitters and crocheters out there with your projects!  This post will talk about what all of those weird symbols and words mean on your yarn label.  Enjoy!

What is a Yarn Label?

I know what most of you are thinking.  What is a yarn label?  Well, a yarn label is the tag that is wrapped around your yarn when you purchase it.  The yarn label tells you what size it is, what size tools to use, how to wash it, etc.

Yarn Sizes

Use different yarn sizes for different crochet projects.

0 (Lace): Basically thread.  If you’re into crocheting/knitting jewelry, I’d suggest using this size yarn.  Use a size B1 crochet hook, or 0 – 1 knitting needles.

1 (Super Fine): Pretty thin.  A little bit thicker than thread.  Great for making socks and doilies.  Use a size B1 – E4 crochet hook, or 1 – 3 knitting needles.

2 (Fine):  Probably the most unused size of yarn.  Good for making small items or sport apparel.  Use a size E4 – 7 crochet hook, or 3 – 5 knitting needles.

3 (Light): Not too thick and not too thin.  The BEST yarn for making amigurumi!  Use a size 7 – I9 crochet hook, or 5 – 7 knitting needles.

4 (Medium): The perfect size yarn.  I mainly use this size of yarn for my crochet projects.  Great for making hats.  Use size I9 – K10.5 crochet hook, or 7 – 9 knitting needles.

5 (Bulky): Chunky yarn.  Definitely a must if your want to make chunky hats or scarves.  Use size K10.5 – M13 crochet hook, or 9 – 11 knitting needles.

6 (Super Bulky): Giant yarn.  Used for making blankets and rugs.  Use size M13+ crochet hook, or 11+ knitting needles.

Laundry Symbols

Remember to follow the symbols on your yarn label so you don’t ruin your project.  Most of these symbols will not be on your yarn label, but I put them on here just in case.

Water with X – Do not wash.

Water with hand in it – Hand wash.

Water – Machine wash normal.

Water with 1 line under it – Machine wash permanent press.

Water with 2 lines under it – Machine wash delicate/gentle.

Twisted laundry with X (kind of looks like a piece of candy with an X) – Do not wring.

Water with 1 circle in it – Machine wash cold.

Water with 2 circles in it – Machine wash warm.

Water with 3 circles in it – Machine wash hot.

Triangle – Bleach.

Triangle with X – Do not bleach.

Triangle with 2 diagonal lines through it – Non-chlorine bleach.

Square with circle in it (All of the square with circle[s] in it are supposed to look like dryers) – Tumble dry normal.

Square with circle in it and a line under it – Tumble dry permanent press.

Square with circle in it and 2 lines under it – Tumble dry delicate/gentle.

Square with shaded circle in it – Tumble dry no heat.

Square with shaded circle and a dot in it – Tumble dry low heat.

Square with shaded circle and 2 dots in it – Tumble dry medium heat.

Square with shaded circle and 3 dots in it – Tumble dry high heat.

Square with shaded circle and X in it – Do not tumble dry.

Square with horizontal line in it – Dry flat.

Square with 3 vertical lines in it – Drip dry.

Square with 2 diagonal lines in the upper left corner – Dry in the shade.

Iron (Doesn’t really look like an iron) – Iron steam or dry any temp.

Iron with a dot in it –  Iron low heat.

Iron with 2 dots in it – Iron medium heat.

Iron with 3 dots in it – Iron high heat.

Iron with X – Do not iron.

Circle – Dry clean.

Circle with X – Do not dry clean.

Extra Tips

Just some tips to make your projects look your best.

If you’re making something that needs to be flexible, like a hat or scarf, use [a] crochet hook/knitting needles that is/are a couple of sizes bigger than the suggested size.  This will still keep the heat in, but just make your piece a bit more flexible and open.

If you’re making a doily, use [a] crochet hook/knitting needles that is/are a lot bigger than the suggested size.  This will give it more of an open, modern look.


I hope you learned a lot and enjoyed this post!  If you want, you can bookmark this page for whenever you need to know what all of the stuff means on your yarn label.  Feel free to share my blog on social media!  I haven’t been getting a lot of traffic lately, and I really want to make my blog successful!  As always, happy crocheting!

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  1. This was very informative! I did not know what all of the laundry symbols mean. Now I have a reference. Thank you!


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