My Etsy Shop Flop

A while ago, I started an Etsy shop for my jewelry…it didn’t work out.  There were many problems with my Etsy shop.  If you’re looking to start an Etsy shop, or any kind of shop, read these quick tips so you don’t end up like me.

Manage your Time

Remember to check in on your shop every day.  Anything can happen; sales, comments, messages, etc.  Try planning at least 10 minutes a day just checking up on your shop, it really makes a difference.

If the Item is not Selling, Remove the Listing

If one of your items in your shop isn’t selling, remove the listing.  After all, it costs 20 cents to list an item, and it costs another 20 cents every 2 months to renew it.  So remember, if it’s not selling, remove it, don’t renew it.

Share your Shop on Social Media

When I had my shop open for around 6 months, I only had an Instagram for it.  I didn’t even promote my shop that often on the Instagram account.  I got no sales because no one even knew my shop existed.

Have Good Photography, Descriptions, Item Names, Etc.

If your listings look sloppy, no one will want to click on them to read more about them or even purchase them.  Try to have the neatest photos, long descriptions, and item names with not just what the product is in the name, but also other words that are related to the product in the name.  Long item names allow your product to be found easily when searched for.

Have Fun

Having fun is one of the most important parts of owning a shop.  When I owned my Etsy shop, I stressed out more than I had fun.  It was the main reason why my shop failed and I shut it down.  Remember not to stress out when managing your shop.  Have fun making your products, and have fun selling them.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post!  When I owned my shop, I didn’t follow any of these tips.  That was why I had to shut it down.  More posts to come.


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