Welcome to 100 Percent Peachy!

Hello!  I’m Henry, the owner of 100 Percent Peachy!  I am 11 years old and I’ve never run a blog before!  I love crochet, sewing (even though I’m not good at it), tennis, and volleyball.  I will be posting mainly crafting tutorials and sometimes little snippets of my everyday life.  I am so excited to share my knowledge of crafting with the world, and have fun doing it!  Please feel free to contact me at 100PercentPeachy@gmail.com!


  1. Hi Henry, this is Lillian (from your old FPS team– just in case you forgot) :-). I think this blog is pretty cool! Its fine if you want to mention my blog, but guess what– your comment didn’t come through! oh, well. Anyway, keep your blog going, and I will try to keep mine going, too.

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